Introverts and Parties

On Saturday, me and my sister decided to go to a Christmas party. At first, I was a bit reluctant to go because I was certain that I’d be the only 13-year old, but there was also supposed to be free food. So I decided to risk awkwardness and go, but just for the food. 🙂

Turns out, it was much better than I thought. There was a gingerbread man decorating (and eating!) station, where I unleashed my inner talent and scared all the little kids with my cookie. I made two and ate well, probably more than I should have.

The pizza was also pretty good (it was from Panago … do Americans have it?) but sadly, all the good ones were taken, and there were only two pieces of cheese left, which is proof that karma is real. Maybe I shouldn’t have ate so many gingerbread men… Anyways, me and my sister both took a piece of cheese pizza as well as a box of apple juice. I didn’t really mind the lack of pizza, though, because I already ate a bit before I went to the party. There was also popcorn, which was good.

After, me and my sister sat down to watch a movie (The Muppet Christmas Carol). Sadly, the movie already started before we went, so I didn’t understand a thing.

But the best part was definitely the end. There was a draw with 10 smaller winners and one big grand prize. The smaller prize was a Tutti Frutti gift card and the grand prize was a set of games from Mastermind Toys (which I never heard of until then). Me and my sister both put our names in the draw and we won the gift card! TBH, I actually prefer the giftcard more than the grand prize, but maybe it’s because I’m old. xD But now I have an excuse to go to Tutti Frutti, which makes me really glad that I went to the party. 🙂



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