The Best Superpower

Wanted to do something different today…


What superpower would you want?

My answer was almost flying. I mean, who wouldn’t want to fly? Just the fact of soaring through the air above everyone else makes me want that power all to myself. I also could ace my mile run at school … even though if I flew, it wouldn’t really be a run. But in the end, flying had to go. The power of compulsion, or persuasion, I thought was better (like what Lissa can do in Vampire Academy – 10 points if you understand my reference!). With this power, I could make anyone do what I want. And if I can do Lissa’s “super-compulsion” (ooh, Vampire Academy again!), I could create illusions of anything. With this power, I could make someone do my homework, make my gym teacher drop the mile run, and even [insert evil laugh] RULE THE WORLD!!! But of course, no one would know. They’d just see me as a harmless little girl.



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