//$10 amazon Hunger Games Giveaway

bc i’m a greedy lil sht who wants that giftcard 😀



I haven’t done a giveaway in a long ass time(since my old blog)

I watched pewdiepie play this game.  It’s a Hunger Games simulator, I thought it looked really cool, and I thought it would be a good idea to do a giveaway (It’s a generator, determined by random) ITS THE SAME THING AS A GIVEAWAY

(you do not need to give me your address. It’s a code I give you to activate the gift card)


$10 amazon gift card


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good luck ;))

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space is hella weird

so according to the first law of thermodynamics, energy cannot be created or destroyed

according to scientists, the universe started with the big bang

so i have three questions:

  1. if energy cannot be created or destroyed, then how is there such thing as energy today? was there just always energy from the very beginning of time? (and what even is “time”, anyways?)
  2. what was before the big bang and how did a huge explosion happen out of nothing?
  3. ARE WE EVEN SUPPOSED TO EXIST? because honestly, life seems unnatural. based on our current knowledge, EARTH IS THE ONLY PLACE IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE THAT HAS LIVING BEINGS LIKE US.

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yo i’m not dead

hello! after a very long time of not posting, here i am! today i’m gonna tell you all a story!

once upon a time there was a fine young potato by the name of brad. brad had very nice skin and a lot of eyes. he was rather handsome. all the female potatoes were in love. however, brad had his eyes set on someone else. she was tall and beautiful and by the way she caressed his soft skin, he could tell that she was in love too.

there was only one problem: she was a human

and also she wasn’t caressing his soft skin. she was just feeling it to make sure that there weren’t any dents on brad and that he was good to eat.

“w-what?” asked brad confused when she got out something very pointy. “i’m not into that kind of stuff sarah lol”

but she did not hear him. taking a knife, she chopped him up into tiny pieces and tossed him in a pot of boiling water where he died.

sarah had a very good lunch that day.

the end.

ok but in all seriousness, i miss you guys so i’ll (try) to post more. it’s just that life is boring 😦

well i mean, yesterday i ate some really good sausages but that’s about it

lol ok bye :p

i feel dead :((

omgg ok so for dance, we got registration forms for next year but because life hates me, two of the classes i was planning on taking are at the same time so i can’t take both

i’m going to see if they can change the schedule so i can take both but i don’t think so :((

annddddd if i don’t take the classes this year, i don’t know if i can take it next year because i might fall behind


hi y’all

happy easter!

i just finished my piano competition (and i did good yayay!!) but now i’m not stressed and that’s a weird feeling for me lol

i mean i still got dance stuff but i feel like a free soul!!!

but it just feels so strange because how is it possible to not be stressed lol. all my other deadlines are so far away and that actually kind of sucks because i want to be productive but there’s basically nothing for me to do. (so not stressed = boredom? lol this is what happens when you go to an academic school)

first of all, school stuff doesn’t scare me. i could start studying for finals but english isn’t something you can really prepare for, social studies is really easy, science is also easy except for physics, and math is… well, math, especially this one unit, needs a bit of work

but the problem with science is that we get study packets when we near the exam date and that would probably help a lot with physics. info on the internet is basically either uni-level or grade 5 level and our textbook is trash and doesn’t have all the information, which also means that my notes are trash too (since our teacher only taught 2 parts of the unit and left us to fend for ourselves for the rest of the unit, even though she specifically said that this was the unit that kids have trouble on so MISS MAYBE KIDS WOULDN’T STRUGGLE IF YOU WOULD ACTUALLY TEACH US THE INFORMATION)

(whoops look at my mood swings lol. talking about being a free soul and managing to turn it into a rant about your science teacher… grace you are way too good)

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tip: how to make people believe your lies

be all scientific

sister: grace u didn’t wash ur dishes properly there’s still some flour in it (we were baking)

me: srsly

sister: go wash it



me: well whatever it’s ok i learned in science that the water will evaporate and carry the flour with it so it’ll be okay

sister: what

me: yeah it’s because of electrolysis or something. it’s kind of like photosynthesis except that this time it’s with the ribosomes of the flour cells

she actually believed me lmao