First vs Third Person

Just a really quick question:

Which point of view do you prefer? First or third limited? (In a novel, not in your own writing)

I’m writing a story in first person, but now I’m wondering whether or not I should switch to third.

On another note, the first chapter of Red is coming out soon. Don’t ask me for a specific date because I have no idea. But just because it’s being posted doesn’t mean it’s the complete good copy. Depending on how I feel about it, I may or may not keep on editing it. Authors writing about how many drafts they had to go though doesn’t seem realistic until you try writing an actual novel yourself.



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5 thoughts on “First vs Third Person”

  1. I like both equally but it’s very dependent on the writer. First person gives the writer the ability to draw the reader into the point of view of whatever character they’re writing about. Perspective becomes the challenge when telling a story in such a way because making what the character sees, hears, feels, and thinks believable is the focus. Third person narratives the environment. It offers the “GOD” view, as I call it, the details that the main character misses, back-story, and butterfly effect that brought the story to it’s climax. I’ve read perfect stories written in both formats.

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