I have this RCM music history exam on the August 5th (1 month and 2 days) and I’m already panicking.

Basically, I have to write a bunch of essays on old dead composers and their supposedly famous musical works. And other stuff no one cares about. I’m so salty about this whyyy

Yeah well I guess it’s okay for me to be salty because I’m probably the only teen stressing out because of exams IN THE SUMMER.

Okay, I’m sorry but I don’t need to know whether or not Beethoven’s 5th symphony was written in 1756 or 1757. (Just searched it up… it was actually written between 1804-1808…rip)

Last year, I took History 1 (this year is History 2) and got a mark of 96%. So this year I was like: hell yeah I can do this. Piece of cake. So now I’m trying to get through these 160 (large!) textbook pages of torture by myself. Continue reading Rant

I’m So Clumsy.. xD

Today at school, my friend Izzy and I had a hot chocolate sale!

I regret my terrible planning

It actually went out pretty well, we made around $75 in profit. But then, we messed up a bit. One of the teachers helped us with it, although it was a bit awkward. She brought a huge tub of hot water that we would scoop into the individual cups. But I’ve got to say, it was pretty smart. We had a huge line and I don’t think we would’ve been fast enough if we had to boil the water every single time we ran out.

But then, of course, I had to spill one of the cups.

And I dropped a bunch of coins.

And there was this one girl who demanded a refund because we added marshmallows into her cup (which I swear, she asked for it)

But in the end, it was pretty good.

I also had a fitness test today and I regret not getting a longer time on my plank. And not trying for more pushups. And slowing down on my situps (we had to see how many we could do in a minute). But it wasn’t so bad. (In fact, I did pretty well :D) What I am dreading is the mile run. People are like good legs mean good running, right? But NOOOOO. Last time I got 10 minutes D:

Anyways, I’ll end this here and if you really bothered to read all of this, you get a high five!

//high fives