Octopuses are aliens?


Turns out aliens aren’t so sci-fi after all!

“Octopuses: What even ARE they?

They inhabit every ocean at almost all depths and possess a range of features that call to mind sci-fi aliens.

These include prehensile sucker-lined tentacles, highly mobile, camera-like eyes sensitive to polarised light, sophisticated camouflage systems that alter skin colour and patterns, jet-propulsion, three hearts, and the ability to regenerate severed limbs.

The scientists estimate that the two-spot octopus genome contains 2.7 billion base pairs – the chemical units of DNA – with long stretches of repeated sequences.”

Woah. #mindblown


My Friday the 13th Story

Happy Friday the 13th! Hopefully, your wasn’t too bad. Mine was terrible. Why? Because I had a MATH TEST! #FirstWorldProblems.

Anyways, this year, math is actually hard. Last year was actually really easy. Or maybe it’s just my teacher who is some math genius and thinks all problems are easy. But aside for the hard problems, my teacher is pretty funny. He’s everyone’s favorite.

Teacher: I’m going to retire soon.

Students: What? No! You can’t do that! What would we do without you? Don’t retire!

Students: [continues to complain for 15 minutes]

Teacher: [after 15 minutes] Tell your parents to retire as well. It isn’t safe to drive with your summer tires when it’s icy in the winter time.

Students: … How could you?

This is totally my teacher every single day.

Well, this doesn’t really seem like a Friday the 13th story. But I guess if it was, I wouldn’t be able to post this. Who knows what the spirit will do to me?