HE’S A SPY!!!!

Hi y’all after not posting for much too long 😀

I am finally back on my blog to share something very important…


Today my sister told me about a substitute teacher she had at the end of the day. He was called Mr. G. I, of course, found that suspicious. The teacher did not tell them what his full name was.

“My name’s Mr. G. So yeah, you can just call me Mr. G.”

After telling her my totally not far-fetched theory, she actually began to consider it. After all, she had never met this teacher before, and her regular teacher told them that she would only hire known teachers as substitutes. She had a whole list of trusted teachers she could have had – one of them were bound to be free. So why was he sub?

As well, my sister informed me about his strange behaviour when he came in. He asked each and every student their name and where they were from, which languages they spoke, and how many. He himself spoke four. As a spy, languages are important to blend in. Perhaps that was the reason why he knew so much.

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hi i see u person whose name starts with a k

note: if your name doesn’t start with a k then just move along please 🙂

oh also i got my cast off!! my arm still feels so awkward and it’s covered in dead skin cells but it felt so good when i had a bagel for breakfast and i could spread the butter AND hold the bagel! wow!

and as you can tell, life’s been boring so i really have nothing to post

oh well

hopefully i see you guys soon 🙂

Being Sick || Life Review

For the last week, I have been cursed with the experience of shapeshifting from cat to human and as a result, having the most awful cold.

Human bodies are so fragile, I swear…

But since a lot of you cats do not know the terrible effects (aka the cold) of turning into a human, I am here to help you!

First off, being sick is no walk in the park. I know, I know, as a cat, our bodies are strong and we have very powerful legs to jump from the ground to the kitchen counter. However, humans can’t do that. And they sure do get sick easily. As a human, you will be racked with coughing fits, and not just regular coughs… wet coughs too.


On the bright side, you get to skip school to rest and watch movies instead. On the other hand, you’ll have more homework (double ew) and you’ll be stuck with wondering what the hell is going on in math class. And don’t be fooled, it’s nearly impossible to watch a movie when all your coughing blocks out the sound.

When you’re sick, you’ll be forced to gargle salt water and squeeze lemons to put in your tea (which is actually quite difficult if your human body decided to go breaking one of your wrists). You’ll use up all your tissues and you will feel constantly tired, even though lying down creates more coughing. It’ll be impossible to breathe through your nose, but breathing through your mouth can cause more coughing too. There is simply no way to win this war.

Well, since I am (hopefully) nearing the end of this, I will be able to enjoy life again. But be careful for as soon as you start to feel better, a coughing fit is almost guaranteed to start again.

In the end, I would rate this experience no stars because it really sucked.


a little story of how people can suck

Note: This happened a while ago but I STILL REMEMBER EVERY DETAIL GAHHH

Once upon a time, in a magical, mythical land called Canada, there lived a girl who decided to be a school office assistant in order to stay in during lunch break. It was January or so. It was Canada. It was cold.

(It was kind of sad how we were forced to go outside and freeze our butts off. But after this incident, maybe going outside would have been the better option.)

And so she sat on the big comfy office chairs, spinning around once in a while until a teacher came in and asked for a favour. She dumped a handful of bills and coins on the desk and asked her to count it for her and stash it away next to the brand new unopened MacBook Air.

(It was, though, kind of ironic how our school bought some random MacBook Air since the lock on two of our bathroom stall doors are broken. They fixed one earlier but I doubt they’ll ever get to the second. And as for the MacBook Air, I still have no idea what they used it for. For all I know, it could still be stashed in the same spot as before.)

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