hi y’all

happy easter!

i just finished my piano competition (and i did good yayay!!) but now i’m not stressed and that’s a weird feeling for me lol

i mean i still got dance stuff but i feel like a free soul!!!

but it just feels so strange because how is it possible to not be stressed lol. all my other deadlines are so far away and that actually kind of sucks because i want to be productive but there’s basically nothing for me to do. (so not stressed = boredom? lol this is what happens when you go to an academic school)

first of all, school stuff doesn’t scare me. i could start studying for finals but english isn’t something you can really prepare for, social studies is really easy, science is also easy except for physics, and math is… well, math, especially this one unit, needs a bit of work

but the problem with science is that we get study packets when we near the exam date and that would probably help a lot with physics. info on the internet is basically either uni-level or grade 5 level and our textbook is trash and doesn’t have all the information, which also means that my notes are trash too (since our teacher only taught 2 parts of the unit and left us to fend for ourselves for the rest of the unit, even though she specifically said that this was the unit that kids have trouble on so MISS MAYBE KIDS WOULDN’T STRUGGLE IF YOU WOULD ACTUALLY TEACH US THE INFORMATION)

(whoops look at my mood swings lol. talking about being a free soul and managing to turn it into a rant about your science teacher… grace you are way too good)

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tip: how to make people believe your lies

be all scientific

sister: grace u didn’t wash ur dishes properly there’s still some flour in it (we were baking)

me: srsly

sister: go wash it



me: well whatever it’s ok i learned in science that the water will evaporate and carry the flour with it so it’ll be okay

sister: what

me: yeah it’s because of electrolysis or something. it’s kind of like photosynthesis except that this time it’s with the ribosomes of the flour cells

she actually believed me lmao

49 of my pet peeves

1. sweaty hands (including my own)

2. when your hands get gross but there is no place to wash them

3. when you’re about to miss the bus and make eye contact with the driver… who just ends up ignoring you

4. people who cut lines

5. people who cut lines and then deny it

6. people who say “awkwaaard” when the moment wasn’t awkward because congrats, now it is

7. when you smile at someone and they don’t smile back

8. unflushed toilets

9. when there is no soap in a public washroom

10. when people don’t wash their hands after using the washroom

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high school

next year is grade 10 so it means high school!!! (yeah it’s only from grades 10-12 for us)

i’m really excited to get out of the current hellhole i’m in but i’m also kind of stressed because i REALLY want to go to this specific school but it isn’t my designated school so there’s a high chance i won’t get to go there :((

(if i don’t go to that school i’m not gonna be excited anymore lol)

curse random selections

i’m trying to stay positive but i don’t really like the other school much

BUT ALSO course selections are stressful too because there’s so many things i want to do but i can’t do everything lol

there’s also this more advanced program (IB) and idk if i really want to take it but i got asian parents so i guess i gotta

and i also decided to drop french (which is an official language in canada, aka it might be useful later on oh welp) for chinese because even though i’m chinese i don’t know anything about that language but idk if i’ll regret that

i mean, i’ve done french for 9 years so far and it’s been really easy for me and it’s just familiar and i don’t want to change

but if i don’t learn chinese i’m going to live in shame for the rest of my life

//wish me luck on the random selection

ok bye lol (sorry for the spam, i just gotta let this out)

Thoughts I have at night after watching a horror movie

1. Okay, honestly, that movie was so cheesy and fake. It wasn’t even scary at all.

2. See? I’m just going to turn off the light and walk to my bed.

3. Nothing is going to happen. Nothing is going grab me from under the bed.

4. Oh shit. It’s really dark.

5. Oh my god, can the monsters sense my fear?

6. RUN!

7. Whew, made it to my bed. I’m safe. I will not die today.

8. Wait – by saying that did I accidently jinx myself?

9. No. Take a deep breath and you’ll be fine.

10. Was that just a sound I heard?

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dreams are really cool actually

once my sister and i dreamt the exact same dream. and i know that it wasn’t just a dream where we dreamt the exact same dream because i asked her a few days ago if she remembered the dream we had.

unless, we both dreamt that we had the same dream. or maybe it was just a dream where i asked her if she remembered.

but it’s things like that where you start to question what is a dream and what isn’t. it’s like that classic question: is life a dream?

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kind of blue

i’d say that i haven’t been doing very well lately but that isn’t true. it’s just that i’m sad. i’m still functioning normally and all. it’s just that there’s always this sadness in me. sometimes it’s so overwhelming that it’s all i can think of but other times i’m so involved in other things that i almost forget about it. almost. it’s kind of like… when you’re watching a show even though you got exams coming up. you still enjoy it, and maybe in the extra funny or scary parts you even forget about your exams, but deep down you’re still wondering what the fuck are you doing because exams are literally the next day.

it’s kind of like that. i don’t know really how to explain it.

the worst part is that it isn’t even a justifiable type of sadness. it’s just there. and at night when you’re thinking about nothing, you wonder why you’re crying because you’re only thinking about nothing at all.

and there are some times where i hate myself for feeling so because what a pretentious teen i am when i have no reason to feel this way.

i just want this pity party to end