How My Day Looks

  1. I wake up tired and wonder whether or not it’s worth it to get out of bed to pee
  2. I eventually decide why not? I’ll wake up
  3. I eat cereal or oatmeal because I’m simple like that
  4. I surf the internet 😎 (see how fit I am? ohohoho)
  5. I see that the libra is in his nice mood today
  6. So I stupidly reply to his messages
  7. Libra goes offline right after I send it -_-
  8. I try to draw and realise that all I’m doing is putting random squiggles on a piece of paper
  9. I then eat lunch and brave the glares my dad gives me for not being active
  10. I surf the internet again because I’m totally living this life
  11. Libra comes online. Message gets read. And he doesn’t reply
  12. He replies hours later -_-
  13. Turns out he’s actually in an overly flirty mood (yeah you know, yesterday when we barely talked? that was his nice mood)
  14. I’m saltier than the dead sea so I try to ignore him (notice: try)
  15. I fail
  16. I search up witty comebacks because I can’t think of any by myself D:
  17. I listen to Twenty Øne Pilots on repeat because I’m like that (yes, I had to search up the O with a slash through it)
  18. I open the window because it’s getting pretty hot and I don’t have AC

*True story

It also really bothers me that the list has only 19 points and not 20 D:



It’s Finally Over :D


I got pretty lucky for this exam. I actually thought I might fail. And my dad telling me “oh, if you don’t focus, you’re going to fail”… yeah… that didn’t really help. But for this one, I knew most of the answers, and the essay questions were the ones I studied for. There were some things that I didn’t study for at all but thank god they weren’t on the test :’D

I even made a song to help me memorise the dates of when the compositions were composed and it actually worked 😀

ayy I’m just really glad it’s over. I kind of want to burn my textbook now 😀 But I won’t because I’m a good kid. Jk, I’m not. But that’s what people think so I have to maintain my image, right? 😀

Well, it’s time to relax. 😀 I plan to watch a lot of movies and gahh SUICIDE SQUAD YESSSS

If I can convince my parents, that is (hopefully they’ll say yes but I’ll have to bring my sister and watch with my mom because I’m a lonely child with no friends to see it)

But what I love about where I live is that movie ratings are much less strict so Suicide Squad is rated PG so I won’t have to deal with my sister being too young. Heck, Deadpool was rated 14 and up 😮

😀 😀 😀

Part 2 of summer, here I come!!


So yeah…

So a few days ago I went to this carnival like place and it was fun 🙂

Except for the part where it rained.

Yeah… at least it was at the very end and it didn’t last long. But it prevented me and my sister from going on a roller coaster ride we really wanted to try. They had to close it because the rain would make it too dangerous. Or something like that.

And I was REALLY looking forwards to going on this other ride (I went on it once but I died because it was just that scary). But by the time I got the chance, it fking CLOSED. Like why would you close? Why? Why? Why would you do this to me? I thought we were friends!


But aside from that, it was really fun. Instead of going on the scary af closed ride, we decided to go on an even scarier one! 🙂 My sister was shaking in the line. I was scared too, which surprised my sister. She said that she had always thought that I was fearless. It’s not true. I only act like I’m fearless. (I’m even scared of heights, but with all the things I do, you’d never be able to guess.) But in the end, she thanked me for forcing her to on the ride. It was worth it. 🙂

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Hello guys

Good morning :3

I’m going to go to this carnival-like thing until midnight :O

Ayyy I’m so excited but that also means one less day of studying for my history exam

Well yeah

I don’t know why I was so inclined to post this but okay

Byeee! 😀

A Boring Ol’ Life Update

I’ve got 10 more days until my music history exam. Including today.

I have this really weird way of studying. Well, I guess it isn’t “weird” but it isn’t great. Basically, I’m trying to memorize all my essays word for word. But it works 🙂 And it’s actually easier for me to memorize that way. But it’s not really reliable because what if I get this random essay question that I never studied for? I already know just about what’s going to be on the exam, but my luck is like that. Also karma. I’m really regretting that time where I dropped my sister’s toothpaste on the ground and was too lazy to pick it up.

And I’m kind of freaking out, except I’m not doing anything about it. In fact, I’m not really doing anything except spending my days on the internet. I really want to read (because I get all my books from the library and they’re probably overdue now but I didn’t even finish them yet) but the internet distracts me. Also, the guiltiness of not studying (even though I feel guilty when I’m on the internet yet I don’t do anything about it). I can’t even doodle properly anymore. And that’s saying something because normally, I doodle way too much. And like before, the internet distracts me.

Funny thing is, I don’t even know what I do on the internet. Other than a few minutes on WordPress to catch up on posts (and maybe post something myself), and a bit of BuzzFeed, Gaia, and Youtube, there’s nothing else that I do regularly.

//That moment when you don’t even know what you do on the internet

I also keep on watching all of these cooking videos when I know I won’t even make anything. And I spent at least 15 minutes searching up how to put out a grease fire when I know I won’t even deep fry anything. But honestly, how are you supposed to turn off the heat when there’s a fire blocking the heat control thing (whatever it’s called). I just don’t want to burn myself… I’m kind of scared of fires… 😐

Anyways, just wanted to update you guys on my terrible study habits 🙂 Have a great day guys (or night…) 😀


Stepping on People’s Balloons and Other Asian Versions of Fun

-Life update post coming up!-

I’m doing this in a list because I like lists.

What I did yesterday:

  1. I went to a “duck park” for this Asian gathering.
  2. I saw so many people I knew from elsewhere so I spent a lot of time hiding from them and hoping they wouldn’t see me.
  3. One annoying girl I knew saw me and tackled me in a hug. -_- But afterwards she full on ignored me because that’s actually how she acts
  4. I ate a lot of food. It was a potluck. I made these amazing blueberry muffins. Unfortunately, my sister didn’t get to take one because they were SO good that everyone just had to get one for themselves. But then I found a random one just sitting on the counter and gave it to her. Hopefully, I didn’t ruin anyone’s dessert.
  5. Actually, all our food that we brought was amazing. They were gone in less than ten minutes. 🙂 Continue reading Stepping on People’s Balloons and Other Asian Versions of Fun