boii [art and some very important info]

one day i will be able to colour patiently and do eyes but that will not be today

ok but i’m actual decently happy with it so yayyy

and also i just ate the best steak :^) just thought you guys should know that 😀




Something I did for someone else because this generous creature inside of me won’t stop

I’m already in the Christmas giving spirit. What is happening to me ;w;

I sacrifice my own needs for other people. I’m too nice. What’s going on??


Critique is always nice. But this was just a small doodle so don’t be too mean.

Just kidding. Be as mean as possible. I’m always trying to improve 🙂


Post #124

I’m leaving tomorrow for a band trip 🙂 Can’t wait to waste all my money and watch TV in the hotel rooms with my friends until 3am :^)

Anyways I drew this from Mark Crilley


Also a WIP that I’ll probably just forget about tomorrow xD


shhh I spent so long on those crappy hands pls don’t notice them

Here’s the ref because I have no creativity

Whoops there goes my originality 🙂