another adventure draws to a close

to be honest, i don’t know how to start this post, how to write it, or whether not i should even post this. so i’ll just say it straight:

i am no longer going to blog

i started this blog in november 2015, almost 2 years ago as a little corner to write about anything and everything. i started it because i felt like i needed to. because not gonna lie, i thought that if i didn’t, i would explode with all my thoughts in my brain, not able to let them out.

blogging was also used as a distraction from other parts of my life. blogging made me happy.

but that’s simply not the case anymore. i no longer feel compelled to blog and it’s no longer rewarding. a lot of the bloggers i started out with quit and while i don’t want to say that’s why i’m quitting, it is. blogging is just as much about the community as it is about the blog itself.

but i won’t say i’m quitting. because to quit implies that you’re giving up. i’m not. and who knows? maybe i’ll start another blog like this in the future. whatever happens, i want to thank you guys for being there for me.

goodbye ❤



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15 thoughts on “another adventure draws to a close”

  1. noooooooooo bb!!!! i’ll miss you so much, and yeah i totally agree, so many bloggers are dead and i miss them all :'(( please come back as soon as possible!! we’ll be waiting for you ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. 😦 i cant stop you but i can say i will miss you and your posts so much, they were always so much fun to read! if you do make a new blog please tell me asap!!! ❤
    when i saw this post tho i was like "that was me 3 months ago…" since i deleted my old blog and made a new one…
    and when you say blogging is pretty much the community, OMG I AGREE SO MUCH! so many other people are gone, dead, and feel the same way about blogging too… but idk if i should keep blogging or not either
    anyway. just keep swimming.

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  3. this is late and u probably wont see this comment but..
    you were one of my favorite bloggers and i loved your blog and i enjoyed reading your posts sm! i’ll miss you!


  4. I’m sad to see you go your posts are always funny and I look forward to them when I read them. You’re one of my favorite bloggers I’ve always looked up to your blog. Good Luck in the future come back to visit if you can ! I’ll miss you 😭 😦 ❤


  5. Oh it’s really sad to hear that. I had just tagged you for the social media tag but I didn’t know you had left. Well, hope you have a happy life, also hope you soon decide to come back! 🙂
    I’ll miss you! ❤


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