I am officially stressed

School is over onThursdayy (screw you kids who are already on break) andIi still got to do my math and science final (which is probably going to be hard ha)

//maybe I should study

Anyways, this year is probably going to be quite a stressful summer. August 11 is my music history exam. If you remember me from last year, I ranted quite a bit about it and lo and behold, here I am doing it again but at least this one is the last one. But even if I thought the last two exams were hard, this one is definitely going to be the worst. We have to write essays. Notice the “s” at the end of “essays”.

The worst part is that the exam is during a summer intensive I’m doing for dance. Basically, it’s 2 weeks of dance: 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. Which means that I’ll have to be ready for the exam before dance starts but that might be hard.

Speaking of dance, I also have to spend time during the summer brushing up on my skills because I’ve been accepted into this dance team where everyone is so much better than me and I have no idea how I got in. They do a bit of tumbling too, which is highly stressful because I can’t even do a cartwheel.

I also really want to get my learner’s licence this summer. I was actually planning on getting it last year but shhhh. The test we have to take isn’t supposed to be hard but finding the time to study will be.

I don’t know why this post was necessary since I really should be studying for math but you know me. I hate math and I hate studying. Ew.

On the bright side, though, this summer should still be fun. My dad got us tickets to see Cirque du Soleil which is ~pretty cool~ but on the other hand, that means LESS TIME TO STUDYY (not that I will, anyways).


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