yo i’m not dead

hello! after a very long time of not posting, here i am! today i’m gonna tell you all a story!

once upon a time there was a fine young potato by the name of brad. brad had very nice skin and a lot of eyes. he was rather handsome. all the female potatoes were in love. however, brad had his eyes set on someone else. she was tall and beautiful and by the way she caressed his soft skin, he could tell that she was in love too.

there was only one problem: she was a human

and also she wasn’t caressing his soft skin. she was just feeling it to make sure that there weren’t any dents on brad and that he was good to eat.

“w-what?” asked brad confused when she got out something very pointy. “i’m not into that kind of stuff sarah lol”

but she did not hear him. taking a knife, she chopped him up into tiny pieces and tossed him in a pot of boiling water where he died.

sarah had a very good lunch that day.

the end.

ok but in all seriousness, i miss you guys so i’ll (try) to post more. it’s just that life is boring 😦

well i mean, yesterday i ate some really good sausages but that’s about it

lol ok bye :p

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