hi y’all

happy easter!

i just finished my piano competition (and i did good yayay!!) but now i’m not stressed and that’s a weird feeling for me lol

i mean i still got dance stuff but i feel like a free soul!!!

but it just feels so strange because how is it possible to not be stressed lol. all my other deadlines are so far away and that actually kind of sucks because i want to be productive but there’s basically nothing for me to do. (so not stressed = boredom? lol this is what happens when you go to an academic school)

first of all, school stuff doesn’t scare me. i could start studying for finals but english isn’t something you can really prepare for, social studies is really easy, science is also easy except for physics, and math is… well, math, especially this one unit, needs a bit of work

but the problem with science is that we get study packets when we near the exam date and that would probably help a lot with physics. info on the internet is basically either uni-level or grade 5 level and our textbook is trash and doesn’t have all the information, which also means that my notes are trash too (since our teacher only taught 2 parts of the unit and left us to fend for ourselves for the rest of the unit, even though she specifically said that this was the unit that kids have trouble on so MISS MAYBE KIDS WOULDN’T STRUGGLE IF YOU WOULD ACTUALLY TEACH US THE INFORMATION)

(whoops look at my mood swings lol. talking about being a free soul and managing to turn it into a rant about your science teacher… grace you are way too good)

so BASICALLY i have to leave science for later when i get my mini study group bc i can’t do it myself :((

well, like i said, i could also do math because i suck at it, but math is hard only in the sense that i don’t pay enough attention/care enough so just a day of studying would do and therefore, i would not get stressed enough by doing it

i was also thinking about starting early for my music history exam because that is definitely something i shouldn’t procrastinate and no doubt that would give me something to do (flashbacks to the million of my cringy rants from last year about my adventures with music history) but that is too stressful. i only want 28 kilos of stress in my life but that would probably give me 47.

and by the time july comes and i actually have to start studying, i’d probably forget about everything i already did because music history isn’t exactly memorable lol, especially since i won’t be able to study it consistently

i decided that i would (finally) start studying the driving rules book so i can get my learners but that’s too easy and it’s not easy as in “oh that’s so easy i can pass it in a day!” no it’s easy as in “that’s so easy it just makes me even more bored so i don’t want to do it anymore lol”

i just tried making a to-do list but since I HAVE NOTHING PROPER TO DO, it ended up like this:

  • eat your red bean rice cake

that’s it

well, i should probably cherish my non-stressed life right now

one day when i am full of stress, i bet i will look at this post and wonder what the hell was wrong with 14-year-old me :p


EDIT: omg i just realised: does this post mean that i’m stressed by not being stressed??

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