49 of my pet peeves

1. sweaty hands (including my own)

2. when your hands get gross but there is no place to wash them

3. when you’re about to miss the bus and make eye contact with the driver… who just ends up ignoring you

4. people who cut lines

5. people who cut lines and then deny it

6. people who say “awkwaaard” when the moment wasn’t awkward because congrats, now it is

7. when you smile at someone and they don’t smile back

8. unflushed toilets

9. when there is no soap in a public washroom

10. when people don’t wash their hands after using the washroom

11. people who talk to you when you’re listening to music

12. when people who you don’t like talk to you (hi i’m grace and i am not friendly)

13. really slow people crossing the street when you’re already late

14. people misspelling you’re and your

15. when you lose your train of thought

16. advertisers going door to door

17. loud people in movie theatres

18. long waits after ordering food in a restaurant

19. sweat stains on shirts

20. sweat stains on white shirts

21. when you’re telling the truth but people don’t believe you

22. people who write “first” in the comment section

23. annoying people who think they’re just joking around and everyone is having fun but in reality they are really just annoying

24. the names some celebrities give their children

25. uneven tables

26. uneven chairs

27. biting your tongue by accident while eating

28. long lines

29. long lines for the washroom when you really got to go

30. people who ride their bikes on the road when there’s a sidewalk

31. people who use religion in their arguments

32. when it is april and it is snowing (true story)

33. when people assume how you feel

34. when you have to pee but you just made yourself comfortable in bed

35. when your computer freezes

36. when you know the tune of the song but not the lyrics or the actual song name so it’s nearly impossible to find out what song it is

37. when you’re craving food you don’t have

38. when people complain about the quality of free food

39. when people tell me to do something that i was planning on doing (or that i’m already doing!!!) because now i gotta stop and not do it anymore or else it’ll look like i’m doing it just because they told me to

40. when someone opens your door to your room to tell you something and doesn’t close it on the way out

41. when you’re watching a video in full screen and the cursor is in the middle of the screen

42. slow walkers

43. slow walkers who walk in zig zags so you can’t even pass them properly

44. stepping on crumbs

45. when you get tired of that one song that was on repeat so now you gotta find a new song

46. when people don’t relate to me :((

47. sjws

48. people who breathe really loudly in normal situations

49. when things like lists end with the odd numbers 1 or 9 :^)

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11 thoughts on “49 of my pet peeves”

  1. so many of these are relatable man. but omg slow people walking in front of you and YOU CAN’T PASS THEM so you’re just extremely frustrated


  2. i HATE people walking slow on the streets ahhhh omg. i live in a very tourist-y area and especially during the summer when you’re trying to go somewhere but tourists just randomly stop in the middle of the street to take a picture??


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