high school

next year is grade 10 so it means high school!!! (yeah it’s only from grades 10-12 for us)

i’m really excited to get out of the current hellhole i’m in but i’m also kind of stressed because i REALLY want to go to this specific school but it isn’t my designated school so there’s a high chance i won’t get to go there :((

(if i don’t go to that school i’m not gonna be excited anymore lol)

curse random selections

i’m trying to stay positive but i don’t really like the other school much

BUT ALSO course selections are stressful too because there’s so many things i want to do but i can’t do everything lol

there’s also this more advanced program (IB) and idk if i really want to take it but i got asian parents so i guess i gotta

and i also decided to drop french (which is an official language in canada, aka it might be useful later on oh welp) for chinese because even though i’m chinese i don’t know anything about that language but idk if i’ll regret that

i mean, i’ve done french for 9 years so far and it’s been really easy for me and it’s just familiar and i don’t want to change

but if i don’t learn chinese i’m going to live in shame for the rest of my life

//wish me luck on the random selection

ok bye lol (sorry for the spam, i just gotta let this out)

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7 thoughts on “high school”

  1. good luck, as long as u get good grades and have good friends ull be fineee 🙂
    btw we r in the grade… i thought u were already in 10th grade tbh lol


  2. Aah I’m wishing you the best of luck! I don’t actually know what the equivalent for grade 10 where I am is haha but?? it sounds cool? I’m afraid I can’t offer much useful advice but I’d say that you can always learn languages outside of school as well, or pick them up again later, so it’s not totally definitive. (Is that the right word? Maybe. I don’t know haha.)


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