dreams are really cool actually

once my sister and i dreamt the exact same dream. and i know that it wasn’t just a dream where we dreamt the exact same dream because i asked her a few days ago if she remembered the dream we had.

unless, we both dreamt that we had the same dream. or maybe it was just a dream where i asked her if she remembered.

but it’s things like that where you start to question what is a dream and what isn’t. it’s like that classic question: is life a dream?

i always have half-lucid dreams where i can’t control my dream exactly, but i can control my own actions. once i had this dream where i was in an epic battle with evil creatures (because duh what else would i dream about) and suddenly my invisibility stopped working so i shouted in my dream: “goddammit you can’t see me! i’m invisible! also i’m shooting you with lasers so you’re dying okk get it together monsters”

and then i turned back invisible and lots of monsters died

but then comes the time when you wake up and you’re really wondering what that dream meant so off you go to dreammoods.com or somewhere and interpret your dream.

and then you start questioning your entire existence because the interpretation was really accurate. or you start questioning your entire existence because wow you’re really dark and morbid. or both.

and then you have this really emo moment and decide to write a blog post about it

yeah well the moral of the story is dreams are cool and weird and scary and can possibly turn you into some emo misunderstood teen

at least that’s what it did to me :^)

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7 thoughts on “dreams”

  1. lol nice post, i agree with you all the way!
    once i had a dream that i was in a game, and in game in that game. kinda weird but cool 🙂
    once my mom had a dream about me and the dream came true, so she told she dreamed it would happen. it was soo weird!
    but ya thats life i guess


  2. Dreams are so interesting I agree. I have lucid dreams all the time (almost everyday) and I’ve always been interesting in dreams, astral projections and what they all mean since I was little 🙃Maybe life is a dream?


  3. That’s the same thing I always ask. Is life a dream? It’s just fascinating. Also, I’ve been having these dreams and then they happen in real life. It’s just so weird haha

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