kind of blue

i’d say that i haven’t been doing very well lately but that isn’t true. it’s just that i’m sad. i’m still functioning normally and all. it’s just that there’s always this sadness in me. sometimes it’s so overwhelming that it’s all i can think of but other times i’m so involved in other things that i almost forget about it. almost. it’s kind of like… when you’re watching a show even though you got exams coming up. you still enjoy it, and maybe in the extra funny or scary parts you even forget about your exams, but deep down you’re still wondering what the fuck are you doing because exams are literally the next day.

it’s kind of like that. i don’t know really how to explain it.

the worst part is that it isn’t even a justifiable type of sadness. it’s just there. and at night when you’re thinking about nothing, you wonder why you’re crying because you’re only thinking about nothing at all.

and there are some times where i hate myself for feeling so because what a pretentious teen i am when i have no reason to feel this way.

i just want this pity party to end


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14 thoughts on “kind of blue”

  1. I’m worried about exams too, go to sleep early and eat healthy and take breaks but keep doing revision but only to the extent you’re happy with 🙂
    Hope you’ll feel better soon 🙂 x


  2. aww i know how you feel! its always there but only sometimes its apparent.. just gotta stay optimistic, you know what i mean? hope it gets better soon! 🙂

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  3. Lool the feeling is mutual – I’ve been there several times. But i finally got over it. Here’s what to do –

    Refuse to recognise the trukload of work before you
    Take a deep breath and some rest (not too long) – you could shower to cool off the anxiety/nervousness
    Divide the work into small portions (maybe topic by topic)
    Tackle and accomplish each portion (you could have breaks in-between if you want).

    Get better soon okay.

    Nice Blog though – it’s exquisite in its simplicity. Plus, i enjoyed the post.😃😃

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