a murder

i think… i think i might have just witnessed a murder

well, not the murder in its entirety, but there were a group of guys standing next to a pile of clothes lying on the ground and that’s what i automatically assumed

i was on the bus so i only saw it through a pane of glass, but it looked… as if the clothes were more than just clothes. like an actual person. crumpled on the ground.

of course, he or she could have just been injured, but then i saw flashing red and blue lights behind a building, which could have very well been a cop.

and this was all in a moving bus, so it was like one of those moments where you do a double take but can’t and you’re just left sitting in silence and wondering if what you just saw was real.

i wasn’t the only one who saw, though. this other woman on the bus saw it too and we made awkward eye contact, kind of saying “did you just see what i saw?”

but the thing was, it wasn’t only one cop. on the ride back home, i saw more police cars rushing back towards the place it happened, with their lights too flashing red and blue

when i finally returned home, i swear i saw someone else in the otherwise empty house. it was probably just my imagination but it added to my fear.

actually, i remember 2 or so years ago i was at this public location and overheard someone reporting suspicious activity committed by a person wielding a knife. the worst part was that i didn’t have a ride of any sort so i had to stay there for more than an hour. in the end, no one ended up hurt, but it was still a traumatizing experience



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11 thoughts on “a murder”

    1. lol once there was a huge fire 2 blocks away from my house on this apartment or condo
      i was a wee baby and i still remember every detail
      wow i’ve been traumatized as a child


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