HE’S A SPY!!!!

Hi y’all after not posting for much too long 😀

I am finally back on my blog to share something very important…


Today my sister told me about a substitute teacher she had at the end of the day. He was called Mr. G. I, of course, found that suspicious. The teacher did not tell them what his full name was.

“My name’s Mr. G. So yeah, you can just call me Mr. G.”

After telling her my totally not far-fetched theory, she actually began to consider it. After all, she had never met this teacher before, and her regular teacher told them that she would only hire known teachers as substitutes. She had a whole list of trusted teachers she could have had – one of them were bound to be free. So why was he sub?

As well, my sister informed me about his strange behaviour when he came in. He asked each and every student their name and where they were from, which languages they spoke, and how many. He himself spoke four. As a spy, languages are important to blend in. Perhaps that was the reason why he knew so much.

He had an accent too and according to my sister, a “strange voice”. Clearly, he wasn’t from here.

He didn’t carry much either. After all, how do you run if you are caught if you are carrying a heavy bag? But I can almost guarantee he wore a watch, which is highly useful as a spy. With technology these days, watches can do almost everything, including how to tell the exact location of north. And how do you run if you are caught if you don’t know which way to go?

“Hey, why are you looking at me like that? Don’t look at me!” That’s what he said during class. Maybe he didn’t want to be under close scrutiny. Maybe it was because of something he might have carried or wore.

He was charming, charismatic, and funny. Many of the kids liked him – what a great gift for a spy. And this was not only her class but the other grade 5 class as well. Very rarely is a substitute teacher used for both grade 5 classes in her school. Not to mention the fact that he taught both the kindergartens too. Don’t you think it’s strange that a substitute teacher decided to teach four different classes in one day? I mean, wouldn’t it be so useful for a spy? To get with so many kids and their parents too? These were the only classes he taught, though. That we know of.

My sister also told me about how he would always tell them to speak louder, even though her class was already loud. After all, it was a grade 5 class. They’re not exactly known for being quiet. And yet he insisted on it, and more than once. Maybe he carried a hidden recorder in his pocket?

In fact, once he asked someone else to share the answer to a question so he could answer a text. Maybe he just needed his voice on the recording. But then we get to the subject of a text. Who was he texting? What was the text about? If he had to go out of his way to answer it in the middle of a lesson, it must’ve been important.

Maybe he’s just a substitute teacher. But don’t you think that, if you were a spy, a substitute teacher would be the perfect profession? An easy way to stay undercover that doesn’t involve much commitment.

I’ll see you guys soon 🙂

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13 thoughts on “HE’S A SPY!!!!”

  1. LOL i support you on this theory but:
    1. what if his name is actually Mr. Gee?
    2. i speak 4 languages too! english, french, chinose et doge
    3. they didnt get his foip consent to stare, how would u like it if i o.oed you

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