New Year’s Resolutions

First of all, I’d like to thank you all for 500 followers! I find it amazing that so many people read what I write and that means the whole world to me. ❀

Second, I’m known for scrapping my New Year’s resolutions but at least having them makes me feel like a good person.

So here they are!

  1. Do well in school
  2. Do well in school
  3. Do well in school
  4. Do well in school
  5. Wait, did I mention doing well in school?

Hopefully, this won’t be too hard.


P.S. I should probably add doing well in school to my list.


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24 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. Haha this is HILARIOUS!
    However, you forgot a couple more things.
    6. Do good in school.
    7. Do good in school.
    8. Do good in school.
    And on and on and on.


  2. Congratulations still see you blogging which is great all the other ftwp that switched to life blogs bloggers have quit or aren’t very active sadly I’m glad see someone’s still committed


  3. Don’t just put it on your New Year’s resolution once.
    You gotta do it twice.
    And then twice again.
    And then question whether you put it on your list.

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