Guys I need some help here

EDIT: I’m good now. Thanks to all of you who helped 🙂

I’ll be damned.

I’ve done something so utterly horrible and unspeakable.

I’ve volunteered to work. With little kids.

*insert screams of terror*

Anyways, I’m supposed to come up with games to play. The location is rather large, although it is indoor. I really wanted to play dodgeball except I don’t have dodgeballs :/

So if anyone has game ideas that’d be greatly appreciated 🙂



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20 thoughts on “Guys I need some help here”

  1. I don’t know what it’s called but you have 4 huge circles (or however many depending in the number of people) and then you give them like 5 seconds to go to a circle, and then you, with your body turned away, can shout a color and everyone standing in that circle is out 😀 dance PARTAYYY

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  2. I don’t know any games, but you might be able to find some cheap balls at a thrift store. You could probably find some games on Google, too. Anyway, good luck! Kids can be a handful!

    ❤️ Leani

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  3. In Ghana we play this game where you draw a huge circle on the floor and everyone stands around it. The you shout IN THE POOL. and everyone jumps into the circle. THEN OUT THE POOL. Everyone jumps out. Then you say IN AND OUT THE POOL. OUT AND IN THE POOL. Everyone jumps in and out. Then you say AROUND THE POOL.DANCE BOBOKALA. And everyone goes around dancing in a silly way.
    I hope this is helpful.☺

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  4. Omg, little children? I’d die if I were you! Sorry for being pessimist! Umm I can’t think of any games, lat time I played with a little child was with my cousin and it was 2 years ago LOL – but I wish you lots of luck anyway!!! XD

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  5. you could play human memory. One person has to go outside and wait while the others pair up in two. Each pair agrees to do the same move when asked to move by the person outside. Then everyone spreads in the room and the person who waited outside comes in and tries to find the matching pair.

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      1. Escape is basically tag.
        So, you have a room/place to go to, but the person who’s it will prevent you from going to the escape. The it has to stay in his area, and if you are tagged from him, you go back to the base/spawn. The it cannot go on spawn. If you have not been tagged from the it and you reach thr escape, you yell escape and pick a new tagger.


  6. You could play paper dance
    Basically, everyone takes a page of a newspaper and dances on it. Every time the music stops, the paper is folded in half. Anyone who steps off the paper is out. Bonus if they dance in couples.
    Of course you could always let them have a paper fight if they get bored:)

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  7. Ahhh that’s awesome!!!! (At least for me xD) well you can always bring them sheets of paper and crayons. And teach them basic origami pieces, like a boat or a plane or a fortune teller 🙂

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  8. I once helped out with kids. I got really bored after 2 weeks because they just wanted to play the same games again and again. Colouring is the best and tig is simple but fun for them. 🙂


  9. You get everyone to skip around the room, and then you call out a number and that’s the number of people that have to get in a group together. Whoever can’t find a group has to skip around the edges of the room for three rounds and then they can join back in! It can be a little hard for kids that are too young, but it’s a ton of fun!

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