I got a Pomegranate for Christmas

And I actually loved it.

I did get other things too (yay for chocolates – I love you so) but the pomegranate really stood out.

It was even wrapped 😀

Christmas was actually pretty nice this year. I feel so spoiled now :p

Also, making Christmas cards are actually fun to do. Originally, it was because my cheap ass didn’t want to buy cards but that’s alright because now it seems like I spent effort on them. (And I did. I wrote “almond” as an inside joke in my sister’s card approximately 250 times. It took a while.)

What did you guys get for Christmas (if you celebrate)?

Happy holidays! ❤



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18 thoughts on “I got a Pomegranate for Christmas”

  1. I got a laptop case with a mouse attached to it,a bluetooth speaker,some headphones,a scrapbook,a jelwelry box,a portable charger,a cosmetic handbag,a drink can,some lip chap,and just dance with a xbox controller.


      1. crayons, oil pastels, paint, markers. stuff like that. but, it wasnt like an actual $500 painting kit with real supplies. its a kid’s kit that costed lots of money, though.

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      1. omg ik how you feel doe
        i want like at least a dozen decent, ripe, sweet strawberries to satisfy my hunger
        or like some mangos bc mangos be delicious
        it sounds sooo good rite now


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