It’s been a long time since I last posted because nothing interesting is happening in life currently and I have no ideas on what to post.

So comment down some weird questions for me to answer! Note: the important word is weird. You might want to know why this blog was made or what’s my biggest achievement but finding out how many stuffed animals I sleep with (there’s approximately five, plus a huge one nearly 3/4 my size on my bed right now) and my favourite conspiracy theory (people are lizards taking over the world) is much more fun.

Okay go 🙂


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18 thoughts on “Q&A?”

  1. Omg I also have like mountains of teddy bears on my bed!!! 😛 And here are my questions:
    What would you prefer to be: a zebra-shark or a wolf-falcon?
    What’s a word you find funny?
    What would you do if suddenly someone gave you 3 slices of TNT pizza?
    Hope you like them!! XD


  2. what would u do if u met donald trump?
    what would u say if someone gave you free reign over a public loudspeaker?
    would u rather be a unicorn or a mermaid?
    shug monkey or merlion? (look it up)


  3. Would you rather cry for the rest of your life (so much that it causes a massive flood putting your life in danger) or laugh for the rest of your life you can only laugh not cry and so much that you struggle breathing which again put’s your life in danger)?


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