Some Regrets

Today I went to my sister’s dance show where it basically showcases dancers in the prep program (which is basically an a more advanced, accelerated program in our dance school) and dancers in this other school where they spend half their day doing required academic classes and the other half dancing.

And oh my god, wasn’t it beautiful.

I don’t know if it was just hormones but I was struggling to keep myself from crying. Some of them were so emotional. And the fact that the 12th graders from that professional dance school were the choreographers.

But like every single year my sister performs, I felt a feeling of… regret. My sister is in the prep program which is why she was performing. Very likely, even if I were in the program, I wouldn’t be performing because I would already be finished the prep program and would get the choice between that professional school (which my parents are way too Asian to allow me to audition) or continue on in the normal program but in a higher level.

I would’ve been in the program, but I was too busy. With something else that I’m not into anymore.

I skipped a level to compensate for it, but it wasn’t really worth it.

It’s even worse when I see names of people that I used to dance with on the program, now so much more ahead of me.

And I know, level shouldn’t matter and all of that, just unless you’re having fun. But wouldn’t it be much funner if I was more advanced and had more performance opportunities?

I would also really like to take this other style of dance (lyrical), but if I want that, I also have to take jazz, which i don’t want to do.

Life can sometimes suck, I guess.

Here’s a song that, in the show, had the best choreography ever
It’s also a pretty good song, too…



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5 thoughts on “Some Regrets”

  1. I know that regret of not doing something. I wished I did martial arts from when i was young instead of ballet which i really didn’t enjoy and never regretted finally quiting.


    1. I remember wanting to do martial arts too but I thought it was kind of awkward to bring it up to my parents like: “hey mom can I learn how to throw a punch?”
      So I never did


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