Comment below superstitions you guys have (or at least ones you think are cool)!

I, for one, will never cut my nails at night because it’s this Chinese superstition that if you do, a ghost (whether good or bad) will come and visit you. It can be a pain sometimes because I hate it when my toenails are long and scratch weirdly at the blankets, but I still can’t bring myself to do it.

I know a friend who told me one where, if your sleeve (or anything, for that matter) gets caught on a door handle (or anything else, really) before you leave somewhere, you should do something to waste time because it means that it’s trying to prevent you from doing something possibly dangerous. For example, if you were going to have a car accident on the road, wasting time would mean that you would get on the road later and overall it will stop you from actually being in the accident.

What are some of yours?

Song suggestion: Sing me to sleep by Alan Walker (I remember hearing this song in the summer and not knowing what it was and I finally found it.)


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18 thoughts on “Superstitions?”

  1. Lol, I’m not allowed to cut my nails at night because someone will come and rob us 😂
    I’ve heard of this Japanese superstition that if you or someone else writes your name in red ink, bad luck will come to the person who’s name was written.


  2. oooooh im gna cut my nails at night i really want to meet a ghost. idk if this is everywhere but in the uk, if you see a magpie (only one) you should salute it to prevent bad luck so i do that but,,, im not that supersticious really??


    1. haha I’m not that superstitious but there’s always this thing compelling me to not do something
      but my mom is actually pretty superstitious. It actually surprises me because she doesn’t really seem the type

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