• i used to have a friend
  • this friend used to be a REALLY GREAT friend
  • nothing bad happened between us, but suddenly talking to her and replying to her messages seems like a chore
  • she’s just… boring? it seems too harsh of a word, but i can’t think of anything nicer atm
  • so i decided to be super blunt about it and straight up tell her about it
  • kind of like a break up over a text? except it’s purely platonic and i had no choice because she lives on the other side of the city so we rarely see each other in person
  • at the time i sent the message, i was still kinda iffy about it because telling someone this is some scary thing to do
  • and it’s even more scary now that she replied D:
  • i can’t even open it up and read it because i’m so damn nervous
  • but i know that i’ll have to read it one day
  • but nope, not ready yet

//is scared



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4 thoughts on “so”

  1. I say read the text. I can TOTALLY understand where you’re coming from about how hard it is to break up with a friend (I did a post on it a while back) but in the long run, it’ll be worth it. She might have been on the same page as you or she could be really upset about it. Either way, it probably is the end of the friendship entirely. And it is sad when friendships end. Ugh this comment is making no sense but in short read the text and maybe have someone nearby as you do so xxx


  2. Just read it. You’re just building up your nervousness and in some time, that’s gonna explode. You’re gonna read it some day. Why not now? Also, you can’t run away from that. Just face it head on. It’s either she’s upset or she’ll understand you. I hope this helps

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