senior citizens

I really don’t mean to be rude and disrespectable but sometimes I feel as if senior citizens feel entitled to certain things. In fact, I feel like they are the rude and disrespectful ones sometimes.

A few days ago, I was in the girl’s washroom. And because this was the girl’s washroom, there was a line. So like any other person would, I waited in the line.

A couple minutes pass and it’s (finally) my turn. But just when I turn to go, the woman behind me, who was in her sixties PUSHED past me and literally shoved me, shaking her head and muttering “kids these days”.

Normally, I would let it go and fume silently, but this time, something compelled me to say something. “I’m sorry but as you can see, there’s a line, and I was before you,” I said to her.

And what did she do next? She glared. She actually glared at me.

“It’s no surprise that you didn’t see me here. You teenagers are always on your phones!”

I wasn’t carrying a phone then. I don’t even own a phone.

“Where are your parents? They need to teach you some respect.”


She left before I could say anything else. So I ended up fuming silently.

Sorry miss, but I don’t show respect to people who don’t deserve it.

Of course, not all senior citizens are like this, but from what I experience, if you get them to open their mouths, they’re like this more often than not.



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5 thoughts on “senior citizens”

  1. Okay this really makes me so pissed. Idk. I think you’re right they’re sometimes the disrespectful ones and I just hate that they have those stereotypes about teens always on their phone and just always on the internet ughhhh so much hate for stereotypes but not all are disrespectful of course


  2. me: “ok well maybe u didnt see the line bc ur so dang old”
    and yes honestly old people unanimously have this kind of prejudice against modern technology because their idea of it is that we’re all addicted to it
    grandma: “help, granny son, im havin a heart attack!” gasp “get an ambulance!”
    me: dials 911, waits for dispatcher to ask emergency question
    grandma: glares
    me: “what”
    grandma: “you kids are always on your phones, goodness, would you focus on whats important for your family for a moment?”
    me: “you know what, my bad, i should’ve just wheeled you out with a wagon 26 miles across the desert to the nearest emergency room and expected someone to take care of you within the 15 minutes it woulda taken the heart attack to kill you instead of calling 911 you know that you ungrateful scumbag?”


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