Oh yeah this

Don’t you hate it when you think that you dropped something but you actually didn’t and spend 15 minutes looking for the thing that you dropped because you’re an ethical human being and don’t want to leave your trash hanging behind for other people to pick up?

Because I do

Anyways it’s Halloween but I’m really not in the mood but I felt compelled to post a post saying: Happy Halloween!

So here it is. Happy Halloween! :’)

Ooh I also sketched a quick something yesterday that I almost forgot about but remembered just now.


Nightmare before Christmas is such a great movie. I mean, it combines Halloween and Christmas! What’s there not to love? Get your DVD today for just $9.99 for just a limited time! Of course, it also rounds up to $10 but that’s okay! It’s still a great deal! Of course, you can also get it at the library for free but that’s also okay! It’s still a great deal!



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13 thoughts on “Oh yeah this”

  1. oo i did that today… i dropped one of my (million) books and i went out in the hall to look for it and then i couldn’t find it and i was freaked out because it was a library book and i would have to pay for it.
    so i stay out in the hall with my friend(ish) and we talk about playdoh and i go back in the room and I SEE MY BOOK. I HADN’T DROPPED IT, IT JUST FELL OPEN ON A CHAIR AND I DIDN’T SEE IT. ack.


  2. i hate putting something down and then immediately wondering where i put it and sometimes its still in my hand and then i facepalm with the object and it hurts and i feel like i deserve it


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