you know all those epic quest/zombie apocalypse stories with a female protagonist?


what do they do when they get their period?

hmmmmmmmm :p


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16 thoughts on “question~”

      1. In some ways I don’t really mind though? Like authors are constantly told to cut down their stories so unless it reaally impacted the plot it’s not really necessary.


  1. When an author actually DOES include a period I get so excited lol. Usually they like??? idk just lie in bed with fabric and take a ~magic potion. But a couple of examples in books areee: the Pellinor series (also the pain of period cramps), Throne of Glass series and maybe The 5Th Wave? That’s an apocalypse one, and I never finished it but I’m pretty sure I remember something about periods.
    (I have way too many feelings about this, as you may be able to see haha.)


    1. Lol yeah that’s okay.
      I remember there was this book And I Darken where there was something like that too but I didn’t finish it because I got it from the library and it was overdue lol


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