sometimes life isn’t hopeless

because here’s a list of little things that make me happy

  • when you’re in a public place and the washroom doesn’t have a line
  • animal gifs
  • finding money in your pant pocket
  • warm clothes right after coming out of the dryer
  • the first scoop of ice cream from the tub
  • breathing through your nose after a cold
  • waking up not tired
  • when you were little and went to arcades (or even chuck e cheese’s, if anyone else remembers that), and found an extra token on the ground
  • the feeling after cleaning your room
  • peeling an orange (or tangerine or whatever) in one peel
  • actually being able to open that jar lid
  • getting your favourite piece of chocolate in an assorted box
  • when there isn’t a back side to a worksheet
  • popping bubble wrap
  • taking off your bra
  • old couples that still hold hands
  • getting into bed after you shave your legs
  • laughing so hard your stomach hurts as if you just did an ab workout
  • when your favourite song appears on the radio
  • friends
  • realising that those grapes that you’re eating are seedless
  • when a smart person says: “woah, how are you so smart?”
  • adorable people (i’ll volunteer)
  • you ❤

Don’t forget to smile today 🙂



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17 thoughts on “sometimes life isn’t hopeless”

  1. My friends and I were actually talking about waking up and not feeling tired at school today! It’s even worse when you wake up feeling tired as well as freezing cold – how I woke up today 😦


  2. that finding money in your pockets reminds me how my sister was in middle school and would wear these “magical” pants all the time..
    because there was always money in the pockets and she would be overyjoyed and brag continuously about them, in fact, she nearly cried when we threw it away..


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