small talk

today i spent an entire hour waiting for my mom to come pick me up after my piano lesson. the thing is, i didn’t have a piano lesson, but she forgot, and i was so out of it, i forgot to remind her

so i go to the place and she leaves. that’s when i realise that i was going to be there for a really long time

so i went to a store next to the lesson place, which was the only one open today for some reason so i could make a call (because my dad won’t get me a phone ahem ahem)

the lady there was really nice, but my mom’s phone was dead so i had to wait. she let me wait inside because it was warm. it was kind of awkward, but i managed to make some small talk. small talk actually isn’t bad, but it’s kind of hard to initiate it for me ._.

afterwards, i didn’t have anything to do there and we obviously couldn’t keep talking for an hour so i just looked at travel magazines and mentally checked off places i wanted to visit

but really, even though it didn’t really make a difference, imagine if that one store wasn’t open. or if the person there was one of those evil people who say: “sorry dear but our phone isn’t for public use” all sweetly while glaring daggers at you. then i’d be screwed. and stuck in the cold. without travel magazines and people to talk to.

i’m not blaming my mom though. after all, i should’ve remembered too. but it would’ve been nice if she checked if i actually had a lesson before we went. that way, i wouldn’t actually spend an hour being bored. (actually, it was even more than in hour. i came 10 minutes early because it’s right after school and my mom was 7 minutes late.)



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2 thoughts on “small talk”

  1. lol one time me and my mom wasted 60 minutes by driving 30 minutes to my piano school, realizing that there was a sign on their front door that said “labor day weekend – lessons resume later” so the 30 minute drive back added on and yeah


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