help? please? no? okay then ._.

*sorry for guilt tripping you to read this post but I really do need help D:

So a wise old lady once told me to use all my resources when needing help. So like any good student, I listened.

Basically, for school, we’re doing a 20 Time Project. We get to choose whatever we want to do and at the end of 12 weeks, we share what we learned and what we created.

The problem is, I have no passions for life. I am out of ideas.

At first, I wanted to learn animation (2D digital frame by frame). It isn’t hard necessarily, but it’s really time-consuming and you need a lot of patience. Which I don’t have.

I also liked hand lettering/calligraphy but I don’t really know if I’ll enjoy as much. I mean, I like design and all (and I’ll actually find a use for all those song lyrics and quotes I know), but… I just don’t know. And I’m kind of scared to commit to it too.

Or maybe I should just improve my drawing skills because I’m trash. But I guess if I do this, animation and webcomics (which I also find cool but I have no inspiration and creativity for that) could be a side project.

As well, I thought about cooking, photography, and maybe even volunteering (especially at an animal shelter.. that’ll be fun. But time isn’t on my side)

But really, I need help. Any ideas?

update: I’m not THAT into photography anymore .-.



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19 thoughts on “help? please? no? okay then ._.”

  1. Cooking or Photography are great Ideas! Cooking is so fun because you can expand your palette while learning out to cook things and getting tips, and photography of course Is an aesthetic way of showing yourself to the world. I’m sure whatever you pick will be something lovely and worth the work.


  2. If you want coding there’s always programs online to learn from and your final project could be a product you coded.
    Photography is not as time consuming and sounds fun. You can create album or something and for coming you can bring in food!
    If you want hand lettering, it is useful and sounds nice. I think it’d be a nice fit for 12 weeks.


  3. Personally, I think that photography is the best option as you can literally take a photo anywhere as long as the picture looks interesting. There won’t be an issue with time as well because, with photography, you have the option to take a photo whenever you want…just make sure you’re carrying a camera with you!

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  4. What exactly is this project even on? (I need more information.)
    Do you basically just partake in any kind of project you want that harbors some kind of learning experience?
    If that’s it, I’d suggest painting. Yes, painting, by squirting paint onto a palette, blending it with a brush, and articulating something colorful.
    I used to find it difficult and I hated painting, but the art class at my school taught me otherwise. I love painting now. 😛
    (In fact, I’m gonna post on my own blog the 4 paintings I’m about to finish.)


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