have you’ve ever seen a young guy or girl and you’re like: wow he or she will probably grow up to be a real looker

because that’s just happened to me today

there was this guy in my dance class (i’m a classroom assistant for the younger grades) who was 6 or so and he was so beautiful

he was stunning. he was gorgeous. and if he was my age, i’d marry him

he looked like a smaller version of young leo dicaprio. he might have even looked better.

and that’s saying something


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professional cat

21 thoughts on “beautiful”

  1. YES
    i actually see 8-year-old boys who have stunning eyes and hair like how you described young leo dicaprio (green/hazel eyes and dirty blonde or black hair)
    honestly people who have really dark brown or black hair and blue eyes are dashing id marry them whether they were dudes or girls just for their face


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