The Superpower Tag (and a question so y’all better not just like this post without even reading it)

Thank you FarahEdz for tagging me to do this tag c:

If I was born with a superpower, it would be the power to mimic other people’s powers and talents by either watching them (whether it’d be in person or watching them on a TV screen) or by being near them. With this power, I could be one of the Avengers, win an Olympic medal by watching Michael Phelps, or fly after watching a bird soar through the air (that was poetic, wasn’t it? no? oh well..)

But if I really had to choose only one, it would be the power over electricity because not only I find that pretty cool, I could control technology.

I tag my shoe. And everyone else who wants to do this.

On a side note, I’m really hungry. I don’t know why. I ate a huge breakfast and lunch but I still feel like I’m starving -_-

Also, does anyone have any good YouTube suggestions? I really need someone good to watch now…



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29 thoughts on “The Superpower Tag (and a question so y’all better not just like this post without even reading it)”

      1. i’ve heard of them (of course i did, you’d have to be living under a rock to not have) but i’ve never really watched them so i’ll check them out! thanks c:


    iisuperwomanii if you’re not bored of her yet
    also ASMR never gets old
    Domics is also entertaining but he doesn’t post too often (animating takes a looong time.)


      1. asmr is a type of “chills” feeling you get when you feel or hear certain things
        just look it up on youtube and there are dozens of channels with tons of videos on asmr

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  2. Your probably really thirsty so maybe try and drink a bottle of water? And definitely check your recommendation on YouTube because it will help you find youtubers similar to the people you already watch xx


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