How My Day Looks

  1. I wake up tired and wonder whether or not it’s worth it to get out of bed to pee
  2. I eventually decide why not? I’ll wake up
  3. I eat cereal or oatmeal because I’m simple like that
  4. I surf the internet 😎 (see how fit I am? ohohoho)
  5. I see that the libra is in his nice mood today
  6. So I stupidly reply to his messages
  7. Libra goes offline right after I send it -_-
  8. I try to draw and realise that all I’m doing is putting random squiggles on a piece of paper
  9. I then eat lunch and brave the glares my dad gives me for not being active
  10. I surf the internet again because I’m totally living this life
  11. Libra comes online. Message gets read. And he doesn’t reply
  12. He replies hours later -_-
  13. Turns out he’s actually in an overly flirty mood (yeah you know, yesterday when we barely talked? that was his nice mood)
  14. I’m saltier than the dead sea so I try to ignore him (notice: try)
  15. I fail
  16. I search up witty comebacks because I can’t think of any by myself D:
  17. I listen to Twenty Øne Pilots on repeat because I’m like that (yes, I had to search up the O with a slash through it)
  18. I open the window because it’s getting pretty hot and I don’t have AC

*True story

It also really bothers me that the list has only 19 points and not 20 D:



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