rant towards that one libra i know

warning: don’t read this if…

-you’re a libra

-you’re friends with a libra

-you like libras

-or if you get butthurt easily

-i really don’t want to offend someone with this but i just need to get my feelings out

-note: this is towards ONE libra i know. not all of you. but i just found it interesting that their star sign suits them so much

i have warned you…

i hate this libra so much because he’s just so charming and everything but ughhhhh

well, i mean, i want to hate him but i just can’t. like it’s physically impossible.

is it weird when i hate someone so much but still feel this sense of happiness when they talk to me?


probably is

you just can never know with him and honestly he’s so flirty and slightly pervy (more than slightly actually) and you just never know with him

//may have started the flirting but how was i to know he was like that ;;


and sometimes when he emails me, i’m kind of scared to open it and read it but yet i feel disappointed when i get no email?

what is this logic just go away please (but actually don’t because if you leave i’ll die and that’s why i hate everything)

he’s like two separate people. one part i like and the other part is like get away from me you motherfucking dickhead

but then this part of me still likes that “motherfucking dickhead” part of him D:

i am conflicted

i will never look at libras the same after this

note: unless you’re a stalker who found out about this blog and is reading this now, I’m (probably) not talking about you. but knowing this person, it seems like something he would do


why do bad things happen to good people like me



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19 thoughts on “rant towards that one libra i know”

  1. Be thankful someone likes you:) And then weigh up whether you’d prefer to love (like) him and hate him at the same time for the rest of your life, or just love him☺️ P.S I wouldn’t think you’ll end up marrying him anyway.


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