It’s Finally Over :D


I got pretty lucky for this exam. I actually thought I might fail. And my dad telling me “oh, if you don’t focus, you’re going to fail”… yeah… that didn’t really help. But for this one, I knew most of the answers, and the essay questions were the ones I studied for. There were some things that I didn’t study for at all but thank god they weren’t on the test :’D

I even made a song to help me memorise the dates of when the compositions were composed and it actually worked 😀

ayy I’m just really glad it’s over. I kind of want to burn my textbook now 😀 But I won’t because I’m a good kid. Jk, I’m not. But that’s what people think so I have to maintain my image, right? 😀

Well, it’s time to relax. 😀 I plan to watch a lot of movies and gahh SUICIDE SQUAD YESSSS

If I can convince my parents, that is (hopefully they’ll say yes but I’ll have to bring my sister and watch with my mom because I’m a lonely child with no friends to see it)

But what I love about where I live is that movie ratings are much less strict so Suicide Squad is rated PG so I won’t have to deal with my sister being too young. Heck, Deadpool was rated 14 and up 😮

😀 😀 😀

Part 2 of summer, here I come!!



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52 thoughts on “It’s Finally Over :D”

  1. Yayyy I have music theory exam in november. Ikr we get to relax im going to watch the secret life of pets and suicide squad. The clown,looks really different in real life. He speaks really weird too.Omg i don’t normally write long comments xD 🙂

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      1. xD I saw this ages ago and thanks. I had piano class yesterday and she was like WHY YOU DIDN’T DO THAT! I answered,um um i didn’t see that page.I said that but i did fantage and wordpress instead. 🙂

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      1. :DDDDDDDDDDDDouble chin
        i cant even (suddenly turns tumblr)
        i think i just broke my own record for the lamest possible joke


      2. good job
        same tbh hUEh
        sounds like im choking
        from my DUODECUPLE CHINS
        wait how do you choke from your own chins they don’t even get/fit (lol) into your throat

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      3. lol bc having DUODECUPLE chins means that you are so fit
        omg what if they wiggle
        /flashback to the time where we talked about opera singers and their vibrato xD

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  2. the jOke HOLY CRAP
    -searches anxiously for bleach-
    I have a joke
    I just invented a new word! It’s called plagiarism!
    Anyway fml -drinks bleach-
    And relax LOL

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    1. Well, I’m going to be totally honest here:
      -I’m not that big of a fan of your theme (although I’m sure lots of other people like so you really shouldn’t change it because of me)
      -I like the header image but it doesn’t really work with the words
      -the footer widget is a bit too bulky (for example, if you were to make the gravatar image smaller, it would look better)
      Hope I helped 🙂

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