So yeah…

So a few days ago I went to this carnival like place and it was fun 🙂

Except for the part where it rained.

Yeah… at least it was at the very end and it didn’t last long. But it prevented me and my sister from going on a roller coaster ride we really wanted to try. They had to close it because the rain would make it too dangerous. Or something like that.

And I was REALLY looking forwards to going on this other ride (I went on it once but I died because it was just that scary). But by the time I got the chance, it fking CLOSED. Like why would you close? Why? Why? Why would you do this to me? I thought we were friends!


But aside from that, it was really fun. Instead of going on the scary af closed ride, we decided to go on an even scarier one! 🙂 My sister was shaking in the line. I was scared too, which surprised my sister. She said that she had always thought that I was fearless. It’s not true. I only act like I’m fearless. (I’m even scared of heights, but with all the things I do, you’d never be able to guess.) But in the end, she thanked me for forcing her to on the ride. It was worth it. 🙂

We also watched a lot of shows. There were these acrobats who came all the way from China and they were pretty cool. (Although they were a bit rusty and almost failed a couple of times, but who am I to judge? I’m not the one who successfully did a back handspring and jumped through a small hula hoop-like ring that was suspended in the air. It was at least the height of two people stacked on top of each other.)

We also watched a dog stunt show that made me want a dog even more.

ME: *sends my dad articles on the benefits of having a dog*
DAD: *doesn’t even read it*
DAD: no
ME: fine I’m asking mom
ME: Mom I want a dog
MOM: ask Dad
ME: -_-

Also… there was a concert with Tyler Shaw performing ❤ ❤ I could’ve got a picture and an autograph but the lines were so long (so many fangirls – the whole place was full of them).

There was also this moment where my mom commented on his “nice body” (her words not mine 😮 ) Reminder: This is the woman who’s girl talk consists of yelling at me to clean up my used tampons because I put them in a mini trash can beside the bathroom and am always too lazy to clean it unless there are guests and it gets pretty gross.

But I agree :3 There was this time where he popped a bubble that was randomly floating on the stage (no idea how it got there) and this other time where he brushed his hair back so casually. Then this other guy in front of me mimicked the gesture. (lol I applaud him)

The park closed at midnight so I decided to be a rebel. I stayed until exactly 12:16 am. But it wasn’t REALLY my fault because I went on this ride that operated until 12:02 am. The ride operator was cool. He let us go six times in a row without getting off.

So yeah. The end 🙂

Also, my exam is in THREE DAYS :O

ME: *dies*
ME: doesn’t have to take exam anymore
ME: *revives and cries tears of joy*
ME: realizes that now that I’m back alive, I have to still take my exam
ME: *curses in 25 different languages*

Yeah okay bye



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6 thoughts on “So yeah…”

  1. ehh.. his music is nice and he IS pretty hot
    but i’m not that much of a fangirl
    thanks though but i will FAIL my exam
    jk but i’m the worst at studying


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