fuck it

i’m going to fail my exam

i have resorted to looking up yahoo answers and memory tricks

i’m doing all these practise exams and on most of them there’s a question similar to this:

“discuss instrumental music in the classical era”

like wtf do you want me to do

what do i write

it’s literally worth 20 points

i need 60/100 to pass

and i need 90/100 to feel good about myself

//sobs in corner

why tf am i even writing this i should go back to studying

i should probably sleep with my textbook and hope that all the information leaks into my brain

my thoughts:

ok bye


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professional cat

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  1. oh mon dieu
    okok this is my sad attempt at trying to be a supportive friend and blabbuahaed:
    -you’re fking smart
    -if you can survive greeters you can survive this
    -i basically winged my finals but i did decent
    -as long as the cows still moo and my dog is still horny the world is in safe hands and you’ll do just fine my dear

    what have you got to lose?
    oh wait

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