Day 3

Thank you PerfectReverie (for the 3rd time) for nominating me to do this very prestigious challenge. You guys are all in luck—I have saved the best quotes for last…


I am actually so immature… *shakes head in disbelief*


So true! John Wayne, you are an inspiration to us all!


This quote is so amazing, I am speechless. I can’t talk anymore. I can only type this up on my laptop because this is just so amazing.

Oh wait. False alarm. I can talk again.

I believe that this challenge was very important to me. By completing this challenge, I have been strongly moved and inspired by amazing people such as Anonymous. This challenge has truly transformed me into a better person. These quotes have changed the way I see the world. Because of this, I strongly recommend anyone reading this to do the same. Try this challenge! It may be hard and terrifying, but in the end, it will be worth it.

The end.

-Kitty 😀

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