For the bloggers out there

Have you ever liked your own post? :mrgreen:

I’m really bored right now 😐


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professional cat

45 thoughts on “For the bloggers out there”

  1. lol yes, but then took it back right afterward
    was probably experimenting with wp
    but thats cringey and sad if you like your own posts, especially if ur the first to do so


  2. Yes.
    Im a failure…
    But then i unliked.
    It feels weird when someone likes your post and then they see that you liked it..
    It makes me think, “wow, i suck so much i might like my own posts”. That’s just so weird..

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  3. Yes I have been! I just started on wp a few weeks ago. After reading the comments I’m definitely going to go back and unlike them. I thought it would be like Instagram where it is less obvious that you like your posts.


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