People I Hate

  1. Slow walkers
    What’s worse is when they walk in packs so there’s no way to get in front of them
  2. Little kids who have iPads
    I’m 14 and I don’t even have a phone yet… -_-
  3. Little kids who ask “why” constantly
    I wonder why too, kid. I wonder why too.
  4. Stinky people
    Please, have you heard of fucking deodorant before
  5. The clingy “friend”
    For some reason, this person never seems to get a hint. I mean, am I really a monster for wanting to hang out with my actual friends?
  6. People who fish for compliments
    Nope, putting yourself down all the time will not make people compliment you. I know, right? What a surprise! I never knew!
  7. People who are perfect at EVERYTHING… but they’re also nice making it impossible for them to hate
    Can’t you just be mean for once so I can hate you like a proper person?
  8. People who use slangs all the time
    Sorry, but I don’t want to search up everything you say on Urban Dictionary.
  9. Hypocrites
    “You shouldn’t be eating such unhealthy foods!” says he, while eating out of 20 chip bags and holding a can of soda.
  10. People who say “nucular” instead of “nuclear”
    I cannot bear to hear you talk anymore.
  11. People who answer rhetorical questions
    Especially when they answer it wrong.
  12. People who seem to hate you for no reason at all
    They may not have a reason to hate you… but at least you have a reason to hate them 🙂 Also, true story here: Once I was at this party and I saw a person I knew. Our parents were pretty well acquainted so my mom told me to greet her. And so I went up to her and said hi, to which her friend next to her asked loudly: “What’s wrong with her?” And she replied: “I don’t know, she’s always like that.”
  13. Dentists who try to talk to you while cleaning your teeth
    Contrary to popular belief, it is not possible to talk while there are 16 cleaning instruments in my mouth.
  14. People who mow their lawns in the early morning
    Once, one of my neighbors fucking started to mow their lawn at 6am in the morning IN THE SUMMER
  15. Parents watching you when you’re surfing the internet
    For some reason, it makes whatever you’re doing really awkward.
  16. People who don’t change the toilet paper after they use it all
    My sister does this. RUDE.
  17. Loud chewers
    Sorry if I don’t want to hear you smack your lips every time you eat that pizza. It’s not an attractive sound 🙂
  18. People who complain about their 98% on a test
    I admit, I once complained about my 99% on a French final… but still.
  19. Teacher’s pets
    Says pleasantly: The next time you raise your hand, Billy, I will fucking drag you out of your seat and skin you alive. Then I will cut you up into 13 pieces and throw you in a pot of stew to eat later. (apologies to all Billys out there… unless you’re a teacher’s pet… then be warned…)
  20. When you miss someone’s call but you call back a second later and they don’t answer
    Like WTF do you think you’re doing? ANSWER MEEEE
  21. People who pretend to emo and negative when it’s obvious they aren’t
    Don’t pretend to be depressed. Just don’t.
  22. Ants that randomly crawl up your walls when you’re typing up a post
    I know, not a person, but still. Inspired by a true story. I swear the ant was at least an inch long.

So there you go! 22 people/ants I hate! Did I miss any? Can you relate? Comment below!


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42 thoughts on “People I Hate”

  1. “I admit, I once complained about my 99% on a French final… but still.”
    HMm i spot a problem with this picture
    ohooh whats up with the profanity :}
    good post tho bien faire

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      1. People who hold grudges for 8 fking months (youknowwho#1)
        People who hate you bc they hate your friend (youknowwho#2)
        Guys who just never open up to girls (also a youknowwho)
        When people always ask you why you’re so quiet (usually adults). One time someone actually told my mom i had a problem but what am i supposed to say to a old scary stranger, what’s your favourite colour?
        People who don’t cover up their sneezes/coughs, or they do but with their freaking hands. Or just unnecessarily loud sneezes (but those can be funny too :P).
        Making out in public. Awkward.
        People who keep bugging you even when you say nvm
        and also When you miss someone’s call but you call back a second later and they don’t answer- it might be because they’re redialing your number (on a landline)?

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      2. haha its okay
        she was the girl who we knew in elementary and her name started with an L
        and kept on flaunting her flexibility
        mhmm “flaunting”

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      3. OMYGOD HER
        I WAS HER BESTIE THEN SHE DITCHED ME (actually she was a sh!t bestie too-like one time she took my diary out of my desk without my permission and fking read the entries to pretty much everyone)

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  2. Number 10 is SO
    what even is nucular
    It’s nuCLEAR
    Crystal clear
    Clear as glass
    Not cular

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  3. I say nu-clay-ar, or nu-clee-a.. but that could be because I’m Australian. I hate people that stare at you, like what the hell do you want? Then I give them the death-stare back. Or people that wear the same clothes more than one day in a row, especially if I smelt them the day before, hello deodorant!

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  4. OH MY GOD! YAAAASSS! ALL OF THESE ARE SO RELATABLE especially those people who complain when they have 1 mistake on test like “OH MY GOD, YOU SCORED 995 AT TEST SO JUST BE CONTENTED OF IT BEC THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN ANYMORE!. I even think they just want to boast that they have 99% in test!

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  5. Yeah! This post is the story of my life! I agree with you 100% girl, everything you said here is so true that it’s unbelievable. I also hate when the dentist talks to you while cleaning your teeth, people who act like they’re depressed, who fish for compliments, who use rhetorical questions… I agree with this so much!!!!
    Great post!!!! XD XD

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  6. I love this post, it’s funny as hell😂 I definitely relate to slow walkers around here. I live in Boston so there’s obviously a lot of tourists around, but still, I’m telling myself why the fuck won’t they just step ASIDE for others to walk their own pace on the sidewalk😂

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  7. 19 THOUGH
    All of these are EXTREMELY relatable.
    8 is everybody at my school. I don’t wanna know what truffle butter is. I hate the word “fleek;” not everything is on “fleek,” maybe your mind is just on stupid drugs.

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