I have this RCM music history exam on the August 5th (1 month and 2 days) and I’m already panicking.

Basically, I have to write a bunch of essays on old dead composers and their supposedly famous musical works. And other stuff no one cares about. I’m so salty about this whyyy

Yeah well I guess it’s okay for me to be salty because I’m probably the only teen stressing out because of exams IN THE SUMMER.

Okay, I’m sorry but I don’t need to know whether or not Beethoven’s 5th symphony was written in 1756 or 1757. (Just searched it up… it was actually written between 1804-1808…rip)

Last year, I took History 1 (this year is History 2) and got a mark of 96%. So this year I was like: hell yeah I can do this. Piece of cake. So now I’m trying to get through these 160 (large!) textbook pages of torture by myself.

Yep, I’m self-taught which means that I have to somehow pass with only me, my textbook, youtube (for the music), and yahoo answers (and they won’t even let me create an account so I can’t even ask my own questions).

And if you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking: well, it probably will be a piece of cake for you. 96 on your first exam? Wow!

Nope. Last year was just a matter of luck. As a professional procrastinator, I literally left it until the last day. The only things I remembered were the glorious life of old J.S. Bach and some other stuff. I was EXTREMELY lucky when that’s exactly what they asked.

If they asked for anything other than that I probably wouldn’t be able to type this up. I’d probably be an orphan disowned by her parents and living in the mountains of Peru.

And I just did the math. There are approximately 30 sections of the textbook. Which means I have to get done TWO sections each day and I’ll finish the book on July 18. Which leaves 18 more days to go over 6 practise exams and a whole lot of studying. (Thank god there are 31 days in July and not 30… otherwise I’ll only have 17 days XD )

Also, the exam cost almost $200 so I better not fail.

Okay bye. I really have to start studying instead of typing this up and eating out of my family sized chip bag… this lifestyle really gotta change

oh lord why are my rants longer than my regular posts

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56 thoughts on “Rant”

  1. Best of luck to you with your studies – I love history, but totally see your point: frankly, who cares? Sure, what they did was incredible, but it’d be no less incredible if they died a day later, or for that matter, a year, or even a decade later. Regardless, best of luck – we all believe in you XX

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  2. Okay BREATHE, you’re gonna do well! Not because you did well on your first one, because I know how patronising and actually frustrating that can be (oh, you’ll do well anyway! is what people say) but just because you can get that dedication. You STILL have time!

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    also this is a little btchy but dont feel bad cuz youknowho#1 apparently passed a RCM exam with a 0.5% above failing level to save his ass

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      1. omg what i’m learning is so scandalous
        literally the lyrics to a song: “O then they fell a-kissing, up and down he wandered”
        hmmm maybe i should put that part in the essay section 😀

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      2. oh rip
        fun times
        how am i supposed to survive the IB program in high school
        why did i sign up for our school’s accelerated program
        ^next level anonymousity

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