Why Canada Day is Annoying

As a Canadian citizen, I am obligated to celebrate Canada Day. When I was young, it was fun. After all, it was just another excuse to make my parents bring me to some fun attraction—for half the price. Now, at 14 years old, Canada Day is boring. Been there, done that. Instead of it being a fun and joyous event, it seems more like a burden.

The problem is, everyone expects me to celebrate. Watch the fireworks. Go to City Hall. Do anything, really. Just as long as it shows pride for my country. And it’s not that I don’t like Canada Day, it’s just that I’m lazy.

I don’t like to to think that I’m lazy, though. In my fantasy world, I am that person who will someday save the world. Easily. In real life, however, I’m that person who you’ll have to bribe in order to get me out of my house. And because I’m not exactly required to celebrate Canada Day, I don’t want to. I would much rather cover myself in blankets and snack on cookies, all while spending time on the Internet.

However, that is not socially acceptable. Especially because my Asian mom has this secret network or other Asian moms where they frequently talk about what their children did. And if they find out that I’m actually a lazy ass child who won’t even celebrate Canada Day, well, let’s just say, they can’t know that. So instead, I have to drag my lazy butt out of bed and do something.

Today, though, instead of listening to that little voice in my head telling me to celebrate, I rebelled. So while my sister went out like a good Canadian child, I stayed home typing this up.

Kitty xx


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12 thoughts on “Why Canada Day is Annoying”

  1. Asians who have pride in Canada?
    Unheard of for America.
    But okay. 😀
    Canada Day does sound annoying because I hate going places people want me to go. Personally, most of my interests lie in places at home – the internet, video games, and a place to sleep. ;-;

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  2. My friend is Canadian, and she goes pretty crazy on Canada day. She says that her family is more patriotic because they’re living in a foreign country, which from my experience seems true! (They have SO MUCH Canadian memorabilia ahaha.) Here in the UK we…don’t really have a national day. Or at least not where I live, because no one even knows when St. George’s day is. 😛 I’m sorry you feel like you have to go out and celebrate aw.

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