School’s Out!

…and I’m feeling a bit nostalgic.

I don’t know why. I was looking forwards to summer. I couldn’t wait until school ended. I wanted to be over with grade 8.

But now I feel kind of… lonely, even though my friends and I made a couple of plans for the summer. I feel like I’ll miss all of my friends. I feel like I’ll miss all of my enemies. I feel like I’ll miss talking to others. I feel like I’ll miss hating on others. (I’m not mean, I promise.) I feel like I’ll miss that guy who I never talked to but is leaving next year so I’m kind of stupid (ahem Izzy do you know who)

But I guess I’m excited for the many adventures I’ll have at home! For example, I can sleep, I can eat, and I can waste my life away on the internet! Yay!

Well, I have no idea what the point of this post was. Just to let my thoughts out, I guess?

Anyways, now that school is over, I’m already excited for next year, even though I know that it will be no different from this year. But even then I regret so many things from this year – things I did do as well as things that I didn’t. I guess I just want a fresh start next year.

As well, I’m excited for new people! Our school is really boring so I want a new person to come and spice it up a bit. There just really isn’t anything interesting happening here.

So there you go – the eternal struggle of Kitty. How during school, she wishes to be out, and how when school is out, she wishes it was the opposite. Sigh. If only things were different…


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