The Missing Piece

Everyone has a missing piece, whether or not it’s a person you need or a thing that you enjoy. And all our lives, we have been taught that once we find that missing piece, whatever it may be, we will be happy.

Shel Silverstein taught me otherwise.

It’s not the attainment of this ever-so-perfect missing piece that makes us happy, because once we find it, we want more. And once we find that, we want even more.

It’s the journey that we take to find this missing piece that makes us happy.

And that sometimes it’s okay to be alone. You don’t need to find your missing piece to be happy, no matter what you may think. It’s okay to grease your knees and fleece your bees to look for whatever you want, and it’s also okay to not find it.

So here you go: The Missing Piece by Shel Silverstein


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