I Saw Someone’s Butt Today

Today I got to miss school because our string orchestra had a school tour. We had these two huge rented vans that drove us to each school. There were snacks and juice as well. :^)

There were only three first violinists (me!) because the rest had to miss this event due to exams and stuff. There were double the amount of second violinists which probably made our orchestra unbalanced but we had to make it work.

The first school we went to was pretty messed up. The lighting was terrible and my music stand was falling apart. And our group forgot to count at one part of a song and our conductor had to count out loud so we would come back together. :/

The second school was so weird. The kids actually knew the name of a Mozart song we played. And they were in elementary school. They even gasped and cheered when we announced that we would play that song. A CLASSICAL SONG. They weren’t even Asian :O

While driving from school to school, the guy who’s name that brings back really bad memories (aka abs guy) started blasting his music. Everyone was groaning because they thought the songs were so terrible. Which made me feel really awkward because I actually liked the songs. I was memorizing their names so I could search up the song later on when I could get back home 😛

And for those who bothered reading all of this, here’s your prize-but-not-really:
At the last school, there was a half naked guy running around. Thank god his shirt was long enough to cover his you-know-what… but not his butt (hence the title) :O

There were instructions for how to use the toilet, as well:
Pull down pants –> Sit down –> Pee –> Wipe bottom –> Pull up pants –> Flush toilet

//Exact wording of the instructions like woah toilet using sure is hard XD

Also, on Tuesday, I’m going to audition to be in this orchestra next year so wish me luck! 🙂



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