well then

Yesterday was such a shitty day.

First of all, I woke up feeling shitty.

Then I had to go to school.

But hey! It gets better! Since half of the kids were gone because of track, they combined our classes (our school is really small). I didn’t really think it would be a problem until I heard our new schedule:


Yep, we had humanities for three hours, which is basically a combination of Language Arts (English) and Social Studies (History). Not to mention that my teacher really hates me, is completely biased, and spends an hour teaching one page in our textbook.

By lunchtime I was already dead.

Then we had science. That should have been fine, right? Science isn’t a bad subject and my teacher is pretty nice.


We had a 2 hour work period because of the combined classes. Right now, we’re learning different curriculum which means that one teacher couldn’t exactly teach us both at one time. And after the triple we had in the morning, I was in no mood to work.

I also got my period early and I had no pads/tampons 😭

The last period (band) was okay. We watched Mr. Bean instead of working but even though I normally look forwards to those days, I just felt myself getting even and even more annoyed.

At the end of the day, I had to walk out of school with loads of homework.

Also, I’m just randomly adding this here but I just dreamt about this guy I don’t even like but now I have a temporary crush on him… It’s not going away. I don’t even like him. I mean, he’s cute and all but… ew… he’s not even my type why is this happening to me

Today was also the day where I get to play with The Piano Guys. Except I was feeling really bad because I had only one extra ticket and it was all sold out before we could get more for the rest of my family. My dad decided that he wouldn’t go but both my sister and my mom really wanted to. And I know that it wasn’t my fault but I couldn’t stop thinking that it was.

Because I would be going straight to the rehearsal, my mom made me some spaghetti so I wouldn’t be hungry.

It spilled all over the car -_-

By this point, I was laughing at how bad the day was going but I actually really wanted to cry. I was half expecting the car to fall into a ditch, stranding me forever. Thank god it didn’t

When I finally got to the rehearsal, I was the first one there. I didn’t bring anything to do either. Thankfully more people arrived and once this guy with a name that brought back really bad memories took off his sweatshirt but then his other shirt he was wearing underneath lifted up and you could see he had a six pack or even a nine pack like woah how does that happen is he on steroids

The rehearsal was actually really fun. The piano guys are actually really nice 🙂

Afterwards, I got time to go back home and change into concert wear and thankfully change my bloodied underwear from that thing that woman around the world have to go through every fricking month

I wonder what girls do in those movies when they get stranded on an island or when they’re on this outdoor mission in the wilderness or when they’re in this slave camp or whatever like do they have magical tampon summoners

But this post is actually getting really long so I’ll (try) to keep the rest pretty short

First of all, the show was amazing. And they were unbelievably funny. My cheeks started hurting from laughing 😀

Second, my group is the weirdest. Including the conductor. When we were called backstage because our turn was coming up, we all decided to go to the washroom. Literally nine people were peeing at the same time. One girl made a joke saying that we were playing with the pee-ano guys because the pee drops were really loud and we could here the music playing in the background.

Third, I can’t believe I’m going to post something with that paragraph I just wrote above.

Fourth, we played and it was so great and fun I probably looked like such an idiot with a huge smile plastered on my face. Because the lighting made the audience dark, I couldn’t really see them except for the couple of people in front. But their faces really made my day 🙂

In the end, I was really happy and all the compliments I got from random people made me feel great.

And finally, my mom actually got a ticket. One guy gave away his because he couldn’t make the show. We even got a meet and greet with The Piano Guys (and free water) because we were VIPs. 🙂

It was as if life was like: “Oh, I’m so sorry for that terrible school day you had. But hey, here’s are some great 3 hours to make up for it. Please use it wisely. No refunds.”

So maybe the beginning of my day was worth it 🙂

Comment if you read this whole thing… you deserve a prize

Have a great day guys~~



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19 thoughts on “well then”

  1. wow you got to meet the piano guys??
    same i’m just wondering about those homeless women and how the f they even survive periods

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I needed to post because it is incredible the similarities between INFP types…What I first saw in the blog was your profile in the right side stating that you’re an INFP…that’s my thing,the MBTI…LOL.Anyway,I’m surprised how you can connect two INFP people because they are almost 75% equal in the way they behave.For example,that ”laziness” within high school clases,which actually it is not being lazy…the fact is INFP needs to explore creativity and to be original and unique.When it comes some artistic activity…boom! fun.I’ve met a couple of INFP and they are all the same.I love that personality.Nice blog by the way! Greetings from an ENFP! 😉


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