Make Me Creative

I’m really bored but feeling the creative vibes

So… someone give me a sentence or phrase prompt and I’ll write a short story about it.

It can be as weird as you want.

I’ll probably only do a couple because I’m still kind of busy

Okay I’m ready 🙂


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professional cat

8 thoughts on “Make Me Creative”

  1. You wake up in the morning and it’s a nice sunny day. The birds are singing a light-hearted musical anthem and the breeze whispers and blows through the trees. How could anything go wrong?
    You get out of bed and you go to the dining room to ask your mom for breakfast. She turns her head around….
    and says….
    “Come. With. Me.”
    In a monotonous voice.
    It hits you.
    She’s a robot,
    about to take you on a time travel in order to restore her back to normal.
    What will you do? Will you help her fix this problem, or will you just sit back, relax, and eat eggs?

    Idk what I just wrote. LOL

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